Established July 1, 2006, from the combined operations of NEC America, NEC Solutions America and NEC USA, NEC Corporation of America is a leading technology provider of strategic IT and communications solutions. Serving carrier, small-to-medium business and large enterprise clients across multiple vertical industries, NEC Corporation of America provides its customers greater access to a rich portfolio of technology and professional services, enhanced opportunities and competitive solutions.
Effective companies are built on the vision of an agile and collaborative organization that leverages technology to meet business objectives. As the U.S. subsidiary of NEC Corporation, NEC Corporation of America leverages NEC's global network of resources and experience to help customers achieve a competitive edge. Comprised of business units and innovation centers throughout the United States, NEC Corporation of America offers its clients direct access to market-leading technologies and resources, ranging from server and storage solutions to IP voice and data solutions, biometric identification, optical network and microwave radio communications solutions.  
Fulfilling customer needs through comprehensive and innovative IT and network solutions is central to NEC's mission.
Sophistication Simplified
Innovative NEC takes the lead with state-of-the-art innovations sure to make your business communications more efficient, profitable,
and enjoyable. Stylish additions to any work environment, all DSX telephone models feature built-in speakerphone, two-position angle
adjustment, and built-in wall mounting. Enhanced models also offer a backlit display and illuminated dial pad. Right out of the box,
the system offers an innovative built-in Automated Attendant which can answer calls, play a greeting, and allow callers to directly dial
extensions and departments without assistance. Also built-in is the ability to record a custom message for callers on hold.
Full-Featured VoIP DSX provides cost-effective SIP Trunking with over a dozen certified providers from which to choose. Install
DSX IP keysets on-premise or off-site in a remote office. Peer-to-peer connections conserve resources, and built-in NAT Traversal makes
remote IP extension set up a breeze. Choose between the 34-Button Backlit Display and the 34-Button Backlit Super Display offering
the same features as their digital counterparts as well as Full Duplex speakerphones. Compliant third-party SIP phones, soft phones, and
Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) are also supported.
DSX Mobile IP Extension lets employees on the go use their smartphone to stay in touch with co-workers and associates. Mobile
IP Extension uses a softphone (such as Counterpath’s Bria) on an iPhone or Android smartphone as a DSX IP extension. The mobile
extension connects to the office WiFi network when the user is at work and automatically re-registers over the cellular network while they
travel. The basic operation of the Mobile IP Extension never changes, regardless of location.
Affordable and Reliable Designed with affordability and scalability in mind, DSX is sized right – from the economical DSX-40 to
the DSX-80/160. All DSX-80 cards can be migrated to the DSX-160. Even when growing from the DSX-40, your investment in IntraMail,
programming, telephones, and other station equipment is retained. Since DSX is simple to install and easy to use, the expenses of
configuration, programming, and post-installation training are minimized. Additionally, the core DSX call processing features are mature,
efficient, and reliable – yet intuitive and easy to use.
Put IntraMail to Work for You
IntraMail The ability to add voice mail is built into the system and only requires a compact flash card to activate. IntraMail is a fullfeatured
Voice Mail Auto Attendant system that will greet and transfer callers and record voice mail messages. With built-in voice prompt
guidance in English, Spanish, and French, IntraMail is a great fit in multilingual environments. From 2 to 8 voice mail ports are available
and easily upgraded through licensing. IntraMail features include:
•  Message Center – Notify extension groups of important messages visually, using a message center key.
•  Directory Dialing – Dial a na me instead of a number to reach your party.
•  Message on Hold – Record your own informative company message.
•  Caller ID – Caller information is verbally provided with a voice mail message.
•  Conversation Record – Save and record conversations with the touch of a button.
•  Live Call Screening – Listen as callers leave a message and pick up to answer.
IntraMail Pro Supports all of the features of IntraMail plus:
•  Email Integration – Receive notification of a new voice mail message to your email inbox.
Notification includes the caller’s number and name and can optionally include the recorded
message as a .WAV file attachment. Additionally, Email Integration can automatically dispose of
a new message when it is sent. The email disposition options include Save When Sent (save the
voice message once the email is sent) and Erase When Sent (conversely erase the voice message).
•  Email Synchronization – The status of the voice mail message is automatically updated when
you open the email and is displayed in the message. The voice mail message will be marked as
listened to and will be saved or erased based on the user’s preferences. There is no additional
setup or special email requirements. Email Synchronization works with all types of email
accounts (client or web-based).
•  Cascading Message Notification – Cascading Message Notification can call you at up to five
preset destinations to let you know a new voice mail message has arrived.
•  Park and Page – Allows a caller to page you without operator assistance. You can pick up the call
from any extension.
•  Find Me Follow Me – The Automated Attendant can find you when you’re not at your desk.
•  Wakeup Call – Great for Motels and Bed & Breakfast establishments, DSX can automatically
deliver a wakeup voice message to a room guest at a designated time. Wakeup Calls are
conveniently managed from the web-based Wakeup Call Manager at the front desk. The front
desk can set new wakeups, change those that are currently scheduled, and review the status of
wakeups that were answered or ignored. Email Synchronization
Flexible, Intuitive Solut

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